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Waldmann - Specialising in Pens of Sterling Silver

Fountain Pen, Rollerball Pen, Ball Pen  

Find the latest Waldmann pens at The Pen Shop. We offer a complete range of fountain pens, rollerball pens, ball pens, pencils and refills.

To Order Phone 02 9948 9995 

Waldmann is a German manufacturer which was founded in 1918.  The company has a unique formula for success. It makes all its pens of Sterling Silver only, at reasonable prices.  And its gift boxes are by far the best in the writing instrument industry, each one bearing an engraving plate.

Waldmann Precieux Pens


Waldmann Precieux Sterling Silver Fountain Pen


Waldmann Precieux Sterling Silver Ballpen


Waldmann Sterling Silver/ Black Fountain Pen


Precieux Sterling Silver/Black Ballpen


Waldmann Cassini Sterling Silver Fountain Pen


Waldmann Cassini Sterling Silver Ballpen


For a man's hand

Waldmann Commander Pens


Waldmann Commander Sterling Silver Rollerball


An exceptional gift.


Waldmann Commander Sterling Silver Ballpen


A serious pen.

Waldmann Commander Sterling Silver Ballpen in Deluxe Gift Box




 Waldmann Edelfeder Pens


 Waldmann Edelfeder Sterling Silver Fountain Pen



Waldmann Edelfeder Sterling Silver Rollerball



 Waldmann Edelfeder  Sterling Silver Ballpen



Waldmann Edelfeder Sterling Silver Pencil



 Waldmann Edelfeder Fountain Pen & Ballpen Set


OR       Rollerball & Pencil Set



Waldmann Tango Pens



Waldmann Tango Sterling Silver  Fountain Pen & Ballpen Set



Waldmann Tango Sterling Silver Fountain Pen


A remarkable price for Sterling Silver.

Waldmann Tango Sterling Silver Rollerball


A fine gift.

Waldmann Tango Sterling Silver  Ball Pen


A pen to be proud of.


NEW !   Tango Gold Trim Sterling Silver Fountain Pen



NEW!     Tango Gold Trim Sterling Silver Rollerball



 NEW !   Tango Gold Trim Sterling Silver Ballpen



Waldmann Tango Black Lacquer over Sterling Silver Fountain Pen


Cartridge of bottle filling.

Waldmann Tango Black Lacquer over Sterling Silver Ball Pen


Something extra in design.

Waldmann Tuscany Pens

Tuscany Chocolate & Rose Gold Fountain Pen


Tuscany Chocolate & Rose Gold Ballpen


Tuscany Sterling Silver/Black fountain Pen


Tuscany Sterling Silver/Black Ballpen


Waldmann Vienna Pen

Vienna Sterling Silver/Black Lacquer Hand Engraved Ballpen


A Work of Art

Waldmann Chess Pens


Waldmann Chess Sterling Silver Fountain Pen

Was  $170.00

 Now $135.00

Slim for a lady.

Waldmann Chess Sterling Silver Rollerball Pen



The ease of writing with a rollerball.


Waldmann Chess Sterling Silver  Ball Pen


Slim for a lady's handbag.

Waldmann Pantera Pens


Waldmann Pantera Black Lacquer / Silver Ballpen 



 Waldmann Eco Ballpens


Sterling Silver Linear Ballpen   $150.00

Sterling Silver Barley Ballpen/Gold Trim $200.00

Sterling Silver Barley Ballpen  $150.00

Waldmann Elaine Purse Pen


Waldmann Elaine Lady's Ballpen



Waldmann Letter Openers


Waldmann Letter Opener


Waldmann Refills 

To Order & Pay For Refills Phone  02 9948 9995


Waldmann Ballpen Refill

$7.75 each.  Sold in a pack of 4 refills for $31.00 plus $4.00 postage.

Available in Black, Blue  & Red.

Waldmann Rollerball Refill

$8.50 each. Sold in a pack of 4 refills for $34.00 Plus $4.00 postage.

Available in Black & Blue.

To see a more complete range of Waldmann pens to