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We offer two grades of vintage pens:-


These pens have been serviced and repaired as needed.  We guarantee that they will function perfectly as they did when they were new. 


We restore rare pens and those whose condition is suited to it to as close as possible to their original condition using the techniques developed over five decades of repairing pens.  These make fine gifts, are appreciated by collectors and are  for people who want a fine pen for their own use. 


Vintage Waterman  Green Celluloid Fountain Pen

 $125.00   No. 1129   1950s   Clip is pitted.

Vintage Swan Fountain Pen

$125.00  No.923  Pen is worn.  Gold nib   1950s

Vintage Burnham Fountain Pen

$55.00  No. 3383  Made in England of casein.  1950s.  Gold-plated steel nib.   Cap shows shrinkage.

Vintage Parker Lady 17 Fountain Pen

$$95.00     No. 986     Nice for a lady.    1960s.

Vintage Parker Lady Duofold Fountain Pen

$90.00   No.1006.   Another cute little pen for lady.    1950s.

Vintage Parker 17 Fountain Pen

$120.00   No. 1007.    14Kt Gold Nib.  1960s.

Vintage Parker 180 Fountain Pen

$75.00         Very slim pen.

 Vintage Eversharp Lady's Silver-Plated Pencil

$75.00        No. 3370      Finish marked.

Vintage Waterman Blue Lacquer Ballpen

$70.00     No. 1136.    Perfect condition.

Vintage Parker Arrow Gold Ballpen

$75.00   No.1013.    1990s     Two small marks near point of pen.


Vintage Parker 17 Fountain Pen

$75.00           Octanium nib.


Vintage Conway Stewart Fountain Pen

$75.00   No. 325   Has 14kt Shorthand nib.  An early post-World War 11 model.


 Vintage Parker 51 Steel Cap Black Fountain Pen

$140.00  No.999  Pen is in reasonable condition. Slight marks on barrel.

Vintage Parker 180 Silver-Plated Rollerball

$50.00    No 1004    Slight pitting of surface.

Vintage Cora Fountain Pen

 $95.00   No.3384  Piston filler. Gold nib. New pen.  1950s.






Parker 75 Sterling Silver Fountain Pen


Pen has hardly been used.

Parker 75 Gold Fountain Pen  NEW



Grade A

Vintage Lady Parker Fountain Pen

$225.00    No.1011  This is a very exceptional pen which we have never seen before.  It is a beautiful, small pen for a lady's hand 120 mm long with cap over nib, made of silver-grey acrylic.  Made in France in the 1960s.  18Kt nib .  Aerometric filler.  Appears to unused .  Something truly exceptional for a lucky lady. 

Vintage Parker 51 Mk. 1 Grey Steel Cap Fountain Pen

$295.00   No. 1008.   Almost unused.  Aerometric filler .


Vintage Parker 51 Mk 111 Steel Cap Fountain Pen

$295.00   No.  1010.  Almost unused.  Aerometric filler.



Vintage Parker 51 Steel Cap Set Burgundy- Rare Colour

Set Price  $375.00   No. 1012.    Both articles almost unused.

Fountain Pen (Mk. 111 model Aerometric)  only      $295.00

Pencil   (Mk 1 model)  only   $100.00


 Vintage Parker 51 Gold Cap Fountain Pen

 $395.00   (Mk 111 model)  No. 1009.  New pen.


Parker 51 Gold Cap F/Pen & Pencil

Set   $330.00

Fountain Pen $220.00        Dent in cap under clip.

Pencil $110.00  

No. 991 & No. 992


 Vintage Parker 61 Gold Cap Fountain Pen

$295.00   No. 1014.  Capillary filler.  Pen has had little use.

Vintage Sheaffer Pens


Vintage Sheaffer Gold Fountain Pen


$150.00         No.790

Vintage Sheaffer Ballpen - Grapes & Leaves Design

$195.00          No. 794     Pen is in nice condition.

Popular 1970s design.

Vintage Sheaffer Valiant Pencil

$75.00    No. 793   0.9 mm lead.  Spring-loaded clip.

Vintage Eversharp Pencil

 $45.00  No. 062    1.18 mm lead.    Celluloid.    1940s.

Vintage Sheaffer Sterling Silver

0.9mm Pencil

Grade A

Was $225.00             No.777

NOW $175.00

Vintage Cross Century 10Kt. Gold Ballpen

$95.00   No. 3378   Slight dent in barrel.


Sheaffer Rolled Gold Triumph Set

14Kt Gold Nib



 Vintage Swan Fountain Pen

 $190.00   No. 922   Twist filler.  Made of ebonite.  1950s.

 In perfect condition.

Waterman 513 Silver-Grey Celluloid Fountain Pen

$185.00     No. 1136      Attractive pen in good condition. 14Kt nib.

Vintage Lady Eversharp Gold Pencil

$120.00  No. 061  Early 20th century rolled gold pencil.  Unused.