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All Prices Include GST

We offer two grades of vintage pens: -


These pens have been serviced and repaired as needed.  We guarantee they will function perfectly as they did when they were new.


We restore rare pens and those whos condition is suited to it to as close as possible to their original condition using the techniques developed over five decades of repairing pens.  These make fine gifts, are appreciated by collectors and are for people who want a pen for their own use.


Vintage Parker Lady Duofold

No.  1006   $90.00

Made of Plexigas in  England in the 1950s.   14 Kt. nib. A cute little pen for a lady.

Condition :  Good

Vintage Parker 41
No. 1020   $90.00

Made in England in the 1950s.  Octanium nib.  This model never sold in Australia.

Condition :  Excellent
Vintage Parker 51 Steel Cap  Aerometric
No.   999     $140.00
Made in England in 1950s.  14Kt  M nib.  Has had an engraving removed from barrel.
Condition: Fairly good.
Vintage Parker 180 Silver-Plated Rollerball
No.   1004    $50.00
Made in England   1980s    14Kt  M nib.
Condition:  Fair.

Vintage Parker 51 Steel Cap Ballpen

No. 1025       $60.00
Dark burgundy barrel.   Made in USA    1960s
Condition:   Fair.

Vintage Sheaffer Gold Cap Ballpen

No. 797     $50.00
1950s burgundy barrel ballpen, press button mech.  
Condition:  Barrel has shrunk near tip.

Vintage Parker 180 Steel Fountain Pen

No.  896     $75.00
1980s   English model.  14Kt nib.
Condition:   Worn.

Vintage Parker 75 Steel Ballpen

No. 1016     $60.00

1970s  Slim steel 75 ballpen
Condition: Good,

Vintage Waterman Blue Lacquer Ballpen

No. 1136     $70.00
Blue French Waterman Ballpen
Condition: Very good.

Vintage Eversharp Silver-Plated Lady Pencil

No.  3370           $75.00

Early 1900s pencil.

Condition:  Worn & a dent.

Vintage Parker Arrow Gold Ballpen

No. 1013    $75.00

French made gold-plated ballpen.  1970s.
Condition:  Quite good.

Vintage 10Kt Cross Gold Ballpen

No.  3378      $95.00
Rolled gold, slim version ballpen.

Condition:  Very good.  Skight dent in barrel.

Vintage Parker 75 Steel Ballpen

No. 1023       $60.00
USA  75 Flighter Deluxe ballpen - full size version
Condition:  Good.

Vintage Sheaffer Imperial V Fountain Pen

No.  798               $100.00

Gold-plated steel nib.  Cartridge/converter filling.  Logo stamped on cap.

Condition:  New pen.



The pens in the section below all come from the unsold stock of a German manufacturer which produced pens for the trade in the 1950s.  As a result they bear a variety of brand names.  We find them particularly interesting because some are made of the identical celluloid colours which our company was using at the time to manufacture Dasi Pens here in Australia.

Vintage Optimat Fountain Pen

No. 3388      $90.00

Pen fills with an eye-dropper.  Grey mottled celluloid.  Gold-plated steel nib.
Condition:  New.

Vintage Big Ben Fountain Pen

No. 3389     $150.00

Burgundy mottled celluloid - attractive colour.  112mm long capped so a nice pen for a lady.
14kt gold nib.  Press button filler.
Condition:  New.

Vintage Parker Pens

Vintage Parker 61 Fountain Pen

No.  1014    $295.00
Capillary filler.  Gold Cap.  Gift box.
Condition:  In very good conditon

Vintage Parker 51 Insignia Fountain Pen /  61 Insignia Pencil

FP:  No. 1029   $395.00                    Pencil  No. 1030        $160.00
1960s pen & pencil.  Pencil  0.9 mm lead.

Condition:  Pen has four pin-prick marks on barrel.    Pencil - perfect condition.

Vintage Parker 75 Gold Fountain Pen

No. 988                 $295.00
From the French factory with all the impeccable finish for which its products were famed.
Condition:  Perfect.

Vintage Parker 51 Gold Cap Ballpen

No.  1022      $130.00
Made in England     1960s model

Condition :  Perfect.

Vintage 51 Steel Cap Burgundy Set

Note: FP is a Mark ll ,  Pencil is a Mark i
No. 1012          Set  $375.00
Both Made in England.  In Box.   Burgundy is a rare colour nowadays.
Condition:  Perfect.

Vintage Parker 51 Gold Cap F/Pen & Pencil Set

F/pen  No. 991   $220.00           Pencil  No. 992     $110.00           Set $330.00
Aerometric f/pen.  Nib fine - medium.   Pencil 0.9 mm automatic.  Made in England   1960s. 
Condition:  Good but slight dent in FP cap under clip.

Vintage Parker 51 Gold Cap F/Pen & Ballpen

No. 1031     $495.00
Made in England  1970s.    Aerometric F/pen.  That hard-to-get burgundy colour.
Condition: Set has had little use.  Ballpen has slight blemish to cap beside clip - hard to see.

Vintage Parker 51 Gold Cap Fountain Pen

No.  1009       $395.00

Made in England.  1970s.  What a beautiful thing is the Mark lll. All the unique quality of the 51 with today's styling.

Condition:   New.

Vintage Waterman Pens

Vintage Waterman Man 100 Sterling Silver Ballpen

No.  1131              $650.00

Made in France.   1990s pen.   Part of the exclusive Man 100 range.
A rare and beautiful pen.  Something to own with pride.
Condition:  It bears two tiny, hardly visible, marks near the lower end of the barrel.

Vintage Sheaffer Pens

Vintage Sheaffer Sterling Silver Imperial Pencil

No.  777             $175.00
Made in USA.   1980s.     0.9 mm lead.
Condition:    New.

Vintage Sheaffer Imperial l Fountain Pen

No. 796              $180.00

Made in Australia.    1980s.  Gold-plated steel nib.  Touchdown filling.
Condition:  New pen, still shows some chalk mark identification.

Vintage Wahl-Eversharp Vulcanite Fountain Pen

No.  063        $250.00
1920s model.  Long flexible fine 14 Kt gold nib.
Condition: In good condition, no brassing of gold plating.