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 Cross Pens


Cross Century 11 10KT. Gold Fountain Pen

Was  $599.00           Now $475.00

Diplomat  Pens 




Diplomat Silver Grey Excellence A Fountain Pen

Was $240.00    Now  $224.00


Lamy Pens 


Lamy Alstar  Ocean Blue Rollerball

Was $ 49.95    

Now  $32.00


Lamy Alstar Ocean Blue Ballpen 

Was  $39.95  

Now  $26.00

 Porsche Design Pens


Porsche P3110 Steel Techflex Fountain Pen 

Was $750.00  

Now  $545.00

Waldmann Pens



Waldmann Cassini Sterling Silver Fountain Pen

Was  $450.00   Now  $360.00

Imposing pen with large 14 Kt white gold nib.


 Waldmann Chess Sterling Silver Rollerball

Was $165.00    Now $130.00


 Waldmann Chess Sterling Silver  Fountain Pen

Was $170.00   Now  $135.00

Faber Castell Pens


Faber-Castell Emotion Parquet Pencil

Was  $99.00         Now $79.00


 Faber-Castell Ambition Rollerball

Was  $119.00          Now $95.00



Faber-Castell Ambition 0.7 Pencil

Was  $45.00       Now $35.00