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The following information relates to the process of having one or two pens engraved. For the costs of having a quantity of pens engraved please contact us.

We do not do engraving ourselves but can get it done and have the pen on-sent to you by the engraver. The following is the process which we do almost daily:-

  • You select the pen and pay us for the pen and engraving.
  • We courier the pen to the engravers - we pay for this. The engraver will email you a proof of the engraving you have requested.
  • You accept or amend the proof and email it back.
  • The engraver despatches the engraved pen to you, usually by courier.
  • The cost of one line of engraving plus courier from the engraver to you is $33.00 for almost all pens. Mont Blancs cost about $44.00.

We will try to get the job completed to fit in with your time frame but the engravers'work load will vary and, particularly at Christmas, you should take this into account. It is best to allow approx.10 - 12 days from order to receipt of the pen.

We do not accept responsibility for the engravers' work but we use them for large amounts of our own work and have had no single complaint from a customer to date.

Keep in mind that most large shopping centres have engravers and this may be a possibility for your needs.