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                                   From time to time we come across pens whose design theme is exceptional or historic and which

                                   may be of particular interest to collectors of beautiful writing instruments.  They must also be in

                                                                       outstanding condition.  We present some such pens here.

                                                                                                 Prices include GST.


                                          Waterman Man 100 Opera Fountain Pen

The all glossy Man 100 was a great success and was followed by the Opera version below which has a guilloche pattern engraved in it, reminiscent of 1930s pen design. This is the grand-daddy of the Rhapsody model below being for a large male hand. This pen is new. $850.00.



                                                 Waterman Gentleman Sterling Silver 

Waterman Gentleman continued the design theme of Man 100 and Man 200 but was slightly slimmer again.  This sterling silver version is hallmarked on the cap and barrel as shown in one of the pictures below.  It's classical simplicity and the heft of its all-metal construction made it a very successful pen.  Nib is 18Kt gold. This pen appears not to have been used.     Price  $550.00.


   Waterman Man 200


 This is the same pen as the Rhapsody models above but with a black resin casing over its inner brass barrel.  As its manufacture did not depend on  the availability of galalith it continued to be made for quite a number of years and was one of the outstanding fountain pens of its era.  Nib is 18Kt. gold . Like the other pens above this pen is in brand new condition. Price $450.00.


                                           Sheaffer Nostalgia Fountain Pen

 In the Art Deco period of the 1920s pen manufacturers produced elegant pens with a silver or gold ornate sleeve over the bodies of their pens.  In the 1970s Sheaffer resurrected this unique relief scrolled design, which is delicately engraved, for its Nostalgia range.  This beautiful example of this rare pen is in perfect condition in its original box with a commemorative certificate. Price $1095.00.