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Corporate Pens, Business Gifts and Promotional Products

As you are probably aware the internet and email makes it possible for us to deal with you with as much ease as if you were next door, WHEREVER YOU ARE IN AUSTRALIA.

We offer a very large selection of pens over a broad range of prices and designs which are suitable as promotional products and corporate or executive gifts.

Our nearly 80 years of experience in applying your logo or message using various engraving or printing techniques enables us to produce a gift you will be proud to give.

Some pens which are particularly suited to carry an engraving are shown below. There are many other options. To give an indication of the values of the pens shown below we show their  retail prices for purchases of one pen. QUANTITY DISCOUNTS APPLY.

For more information, fresh ideas and a free quote, give us a call on 02 9948 9995 or email 

Montblanc Corporate Pens


Mont Blanc 164 Classique Gold Trim Ball Pen


The most prestigious brand. Gold trim preferred by older customers.

Mont Blanc P164 Classique Platinum Trim Ball Pen


The most popular model. Size suits most hands.

Mont Blanc P163 Classique Platinum Trim Rollerball Pen


Provides ease of writng with liquid ink.

Mont Blanc P161 Le Grand Platinum Trim Ball Pen


The ballpen for large hands.

Mont Blanc P162 Le Grand Platinum Trim Rollerball Pen


The rollerball for large hands.

Parker Corporate Pens


Parker Sonnet Steel Chrome Trim Ball Pen


The brand that everbody knows.

Parker Sonnet Steel Gold Trim Ball Pen


Gold trim for more sophistication.

Parker Urban Steel Chrome Trim Ball Pen


Modern, trendy design.


Cross Corporate Pens


Cross Apogee Titan Red Ball Pen


CROSS, America,s leading pen brand.

Cross Century II Medalist Ball Pen


The size to suit most people

Cross Century II Chrome Ball Pen


The size to suit most people.

Cross Calais Chrome / Matte Ball Pen


An exceptional product for its price.

Sheaffer Corporate Pens


Sheaffer SGC 300 Black Ball Pen


Exceptional value product.


Sheaffer Intensity Carbon Fiber Ball Pen


Modern, hi-tech material.

Lamy Corporate Pens


Lamy Safari Red Fountain Pen


Striking modern design & colours.

Lamy Safari Charcoal Roller Ball Pen


A great pen on which to print a logo.

Lamy Logo Steel and Black Ball Pen


The basic Lamy corporate pen.

Lamy Logo Brushed Steel Ball Pen


Lamy's signature matte steel finish.

Lamy Scribble 3.15mm Pencil


Something different.Thick, soft lead pencil for sketching or notes.

Lamy Swift Palladium Capless Rollerball


Retractable rollerball of much-awarded design.

Lamy CP1 Steel Tripen


Ballpen, highlighter & pencil in one. What a great tool.



Waterman Corporate Pens


Waterman Expert Lacquer Black Chrome Trim Ballpen


A prestigious gift.

Waterman Perspective Black Lacquer ChromeTrim Rollerball


A new trend in pen design.

Waterman Expert Brushed Steel Ballpen


Modern, attractive pen.

Engraving and Printing


Below are some examples of personalisation